Staffing and Workload Assessment

JMI helps courts, prosecutors’ offices, and public defenders’ offices understand both their current workload and how to apply the workload in determining staffing needs.  Our approach focuses on not just the caseload—the number of cases per person—but rather the entire workload of a person—both case-related and non-case-related activities.  JMI uses a variety of methodologies to assess staffing and workload including quantified case weighting to determine the level of effort required to bring cases to disposition as well as more qualitative Delphi studies.

Topics and Trends

Case weighting studies based on the level of effort required to perform one’s job in its totality can not only answer the question of how many staff are required to process the volume of cases but also a number of other key questions, such as:

  • Allocation and distribution of staffing resources across locations (e.g., how many of the judges are needed in each of the local district courts)
  • Efforts to balance the workload of staff both within and across court/case types, levels, and locations
  • Determination of resources needed to reduce case backlogs that may emerge
  • Projection of future resource needs by the courts

Project Highlights

Florida Public Defender Association Case Weighting Study

JMI conducted a state-wide weighted caseload study of public defender offices in the state of Florida.  Using a disposition-based approach, JMI determined the level of effort required to bring different types of cases to disposition, taking into account the array of dispositions, and answered key questions about the effectiveness and efficiencies of public defenders.

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Weighted Caseload Study

JMI conducted a disposition-based weighted caseload study of prosecutors in the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.  Prosecutors completed timesheets to report actual time spent working on cases and participated in focus groups to refine the case weights based on other responsibilities.

Manual for Conducting Objective Time Studies & Case Weighting

JMI’s President worked with the FAIR Project in the Ukraine to develop a manual for conducting time studies, analyzing the time data, and developing case weights for judges in the 666 local district courts across the Ukraine.


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