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Guy Drawing Graphs -- iStock_000026508210SmallJMI’s organizational management work helps justice leaders and practitioners to make data-driven decisions and resolve issues to ensure that the administration of justice is both effective and efficient.  Our approach is based on detailed examination of the organizational structure, leadership, policies, day-to-day practices, and resources of a justice system and entities within the system.  The end result is a clear picture of what works well, where changes can be made, and detailed recommendations for improving the organization—giving managers the ability to respond effectively to factors that affect internal or external operations.


Emerging Topics and Trends

  • Workload assessment and resource allocation. Every professional in the justice system is being asked to do more with less.  Workload assessment and resource allocation studies, using case weighting methodologies, are being used much more often to quantify the level of effort required to perform a function, to justify budget requests, and shift resources to meet the current demands of the agency or court.
  • Transparency and accountability. Increasingly, the justice system is being asked to produce evidence of its work to both justify resource needs and perhaps more importantly to improve public trust and confidence in the system.  Implementation of performance measures for the organization is an approach that is being widely adopted.  Also emerging is the need for performance measures for how well the system or individual entities within the system respond to specific types of crimes (such as sexual assault).
  • Strategic planning. Around the country, justice systems are working to dismantle the silo approach to justice in favor of a more unified and coordinated approach.  This shift requires that all parts of the justice system establish a clear vision and common set of goals for the system, along with a detailed plan for achieving these goals.

Project Highlights

Florida Public Defender Association Case Weighting Study

JMI is conducting a state-wide weighted caseload study of public defender offices in the state of Florida.  Using a disposition-based approach, JMI will determine the level of effort required to bring different types of cases to disposition, taking into account the array of dispositions, and will answer key questions about the effectiveness and efficiencies of public defenders. It is anticipated that a final report will be published in January 2015 with the outcome of this work.

Courts Martial Performance Measures for the U.S. Department of the Navy, Judge Advocate General Corps

In the world of military justice litigation, much attention is focused on the rate of conviction as the best and only measure of good performance for the Navy JAG Corps.  There are, however, numerous other indicators that can, and should, be used to measure the performance of military justice. Read more . . .

Strategic Planning for the Harris County, Texas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

JMI is working with county Commissioners and the elected officials in the Harris County criminal justice system to establish a vision for their Council and specific goals and priorities on which the Council should focus.  The work on this project will be completed in July 2014.

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