Web and Mobile Applications

App_sphere_exedThe Justice Management Institute (JMI) offers technical assistance in web and mobile application development for justice system stakeholders.  As experts in justice technology, we can manage your organization’s application development through all phases of the project – from assessment through implementation. Our goal is to align your web and mobile strategy with the mission and vision of your organization while providing solutions that enhance access to justice. We will work with your existing Information Technology group to integrate our services, provide training, and deploy new solutions.

Technical Assistance

JMI provides technical assistance to courts and justice systems to help assess the types of functions needed, determine the cost benefit, and write the requirements and specifications for application development.  Our roles in these special projects include:

  • Scoping and needs assessment of current infrastructure and data
  • Scoping and needs assessment of current web and mobile strategy
  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Project Management
  • Mobile product development
  • Recruiting and managing development teams
  • Development of job descriptions
  • Technology integration
  • Training and Mentoring

Project Highlights

Clayton County, GA Enterprise Assessment and eFiling

JMI provided an assessment of county-wide case management to leverage a legacy enterprise system to provide web-based channels and services to the public, companies and attorneys; and to expand judiciary, prosecutor, defense, law enforcement, and booking integration.  A key centerpiece of the project was eFiling for all civil and family casetypes and private criminal complaints (pre-issuance casetypes).  In addition, JMI designed the requirements for a plea negotiation web application between the prosecutor and defense counsel.

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) CMS Phases IV and V, United Arab Emirates

Tim Dibble, Vice President of JMI, wrote the requirements for multiple case management systems and applications that support the judiciary, including criminal, civil, expert management, and lawyer management.  From these case management systems, web applications have been designed or built that include public and lawyer access to cases and hearing information, way finding tools, and public and lawyer e-filing.

Please contact Tim Dibble, JMI’s Vice President, at timd@jmijustice.org or (703) 940-0949, for more information about web and mobile applications.

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