Technical Assistance

Solutions_iStock_000021755950SmallTechnical assistance is change and improvement. JMI collaborates with justice professionals to shape systems that are responsive, outcome-driven, fairer, more equitable, and more efficient. JMI has worked with counties and local courts to develop strategic plans to reduce jail overcrowding, launch new accountability courts, or grow diversionary programs. JMI has worked with others to analyze the business processes of their systems – caseflow and workload management – and generate technology solutions to streamline information flow and efficiency.

JMI can help your community and justice systems improve and change through reviews, assessments, and action-orientated planning. With expertise in criminal, juvenile, civil, family, and administrative law, JMI has worked with a wide range of local, state, and federal justice system stakeholders including:

  • Judges (general jurisdiction, limited jurisdiction, and administrative law)
  • State and local court administrators
  • Private counsel
  • Prosecutors
  • Public defenders
  • Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils
  • Law enforcement
  • Judge advocate general programs

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