The Justice Management Institute has produced numerous publications and toolkits over its history, but our work is part of a larger body of knowledge in the field. This section of the site features some of JMI’s work as well as key products from a number of our partners and allies. We encourage you to keep checking back on this page as new content is added.
Caseflow Management
JMI has built its reputation in the justice field by conducting expert analysis of caseflows through court systems, identifying areas of delay and inefficiency and highlighting opportunities to improve the administration of justice. We share some of the examples of our work here.

Other Systems Analyses

In addition to our extensive work with caseflow management, JMI has also conducted other kinds of systems analyses to study the various processes that impact legal systems. We have also been part of national efforts to document some of the emerging trends and best practices in the administration of justice.

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Evidence-Based Decision Making
Over the past several decades, a substantial body of knowledge, which has become known as Evidence-Based Practices (EBP), has emerged about what works to reduce the risk of re-offending, and more recently, to help formerly incarcerated persons re-enter the community as productive citizens. JMI works with justice practitioners and policymakers to understand and make use of EBPs in their efforts to increase public safety, reduce recidivism, and make the most effective use of public dollars possible.

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Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils
With support from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and in partnership with the Pretrial Justice Institute and the National Association of Counties, JMI created a national network of Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils (CJCC) in 2010. The network brings together the staff and leadership of CJCCs from twelve diverse jurisdictions across the country to provide an opportunity for them to share materials, ideas, and problem-solve in an effort to improve criminal justice system planning in their individual jurisdictions and nationwide. This network of some of the highest functioning CJCCs throughout the country has provided a forum for cross-disciplinary leadership teams to share their lessons with each other and with a broader national audience.

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Models for Change Initiative in Juvenile Justice
Since 2010, JMI has been a proud member of the National Resource Bank for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s Models for Change Initiative. We have been able to lend our support to Models for Change by supporting juvenile justice reform at the local level, by promoting judicial leadership, and by leveraging our training and technical assistance expertise to improve the professional learning in their network of partners. Here we share some of their rich set of resources that align with the extensive work we have done to support evidence-based practices in criminal and juvenile systems. However, we encourage you to visit for even more resources.

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Science and Technology in Justice Systems
JMI has always worked with local criminal justice systems and individual stakeholders to understand how the emerging research and science in the field impacts practice. Increasingly, we have also worked with systems to translate the latest developments in technology to improve efficiency and outcomes in systems. Some of our resources and those of our partners are shared here.

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Specialty Courts
Whether called problem-solving, accountability, or specialty courts, these new types of courts have spread throughout the US criminal justice system. JMI has been involved since the earliest days of their development, studying their design and impact. We continue to work with specialized courts, including community courts, using the same systems analysis approach that has characterized our work for decades.

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Other JMI Publications
JMI has been involved in a wide variety of issues on national, state, and local levels. From public access to fines and restitution to pro se representation, JMI has worked collaboratively with partners to identify the cutting edge practices and translate them to the unique needs of each partner system.

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