Research & Evaluation

Magnify and Chart -- iStock_000007063437SmallJMI is a learning, thinking organization.  We help to build better justice systems by conducting original research and evaluation designed to help leaders, managers and practitioners make better decisions to reach outcomes that work, respond to cultural and legal issues, and to address both systemic and episodic problems.

Our research and evaluation have helped build the evidence about what works in the administration of justice.  JMI’s research has ranged from examining the effectiveness of drug courts, pretrial detention, and various indigent defense systems to studying the practical implications of emerging knowledge about privacy of information, access to justice, resource allocation/assessment, and organizational management.

JMI research methodologies include case studies, process and outcome evaluations, policy analysis, surveys and focus groups, trend forecasting and analysis, and business intelligence.

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Case Studies

Process and Outcome Evaluations

Survey Research and Focus Groups

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