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Multiethnic People in a Meeting with Social Media SymbolsJMI is dedicated to creating custom social media training that responds to the needs of your organization, leadership, and resources. We offer face to face, web, and hybrid instruction. Moreover, unlike other social media education, our unique program includes training on how social media can affect multiple areas of your organization including communications, ethics, security, human resources, policy, and public outreach.

According to a recent article from the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center “[m]uch of the difficulty with implementing new technology comes from a lack of practical, effective training.”[1] Our training has one goal in mind – social media literacy for the justice leader, employee, and organization.

Education & Training

Social Media Literacy for the Justice Leader and Employee. The Justice Management’s social media education and training courses provide justice leaders and practitioners with the information and knowledge they need to meet the following challenges:

  • Engage with the public on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube;
  • Maintain judicial security and Internet safety, including specialized social media training for judges and their families;
  • Create social media policies and communication strategies;
  • Provide better access to justice using mobile and web-based social media applications;
  • Define user trends and how they will affect your organization;
  • Develop a Continuity of Operations (COOP) Strategic plan using social media; and
  • Avoid a social media crisis due to improper employee behavior or public comment on social media sites.

Technical Assistance

The Justice Management Institute provides technical assistance to the courts and justice system stakeholders in the following areas:

Social Media Strategic Planning and Outreach. JMI will help plan for the use of social media, build policies and standards, and provide access to the public:

  • Social media strategic planning
  • Social media policies and standards development
  • Public outreach

Social Media Application Development. JMI will help design and build social media web and mobile applications, including the following:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis for social media engagement
  • Requirements gathering and analysis for social media for mobile and app development
  • Social media and web-application project management
  • Web-based applications

[1] Poje, J. (2013, October). Technology Training: Beyond the Manual. American Bar Association. Retrieved from

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