Justice Management

Justice Management is the core of our company. It is system-wide—far reaching in breadth and scope. Our professionals work with the judiciary, law enforcement, prosecutors, the bar, and public defenders, corrections, and supporting agencies. It is within the Justice Management Practice Group that JMI uses a number of levers to achieve system improvement and advancement:

  • Research and program evaluation
  • Professional, cross-disciplinary training
  • Targeted technical assistance focused on needs, hard targets, and measurable outcomes
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer networks focused on information sharing and innovation generation

The Justice Management Practice Group covers a wide range of disciplines within the justice system:

  • Justice Policies
  • Justice Operations
  • Justice Evidence/Research
  • Justice Innovation

All of these disciplines are interrelated, and each informs the other. Much of our work crosses all of these disciplines. Sound policies inform effective practices; evidence and research inform both policy and practice; and innovation provides the basis for new evidence and research. At the core of each of these disciplines are the courts and the adjudication process, which is where JMI’s focus lies.

Click on the links below to read more about some of our projects in these areas:

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