JMI’s Newest Program Director

Kenny2Spend enough time working in the criminal justice field and you’re likely to encounter certain names over and over again as the “go to people” for assistance. Spurgeon “Kenny” Kennedy is one of those people, which is why we are so pleased to introduce him as JMI’s newest Program Director.

Kenny will be joining the JMI team this month and brings with him 35 years of technical assistance, training, and research experience. Known for his extensive work in the area of pretrial services, he has authored several leading publications for the field including A Framework for Pretrial Reform: Essential Elements of an Effective Pretrial System and Agency and Measuring What Matters: Outcome and Performance Measures for the Pretrial Diversion Field, among many others. However, his work has focused on other parts of the system as well. While at the National Institute of Justice, Kenny worked on a number of research demonstration programs including Breaking the Cycle Initiative, re-entry initiatives, and a judicial oversight demonstration initiative to reduce domestic violence. As a Program Director at JMI, he will be working closely with many of our Safety and Justice Challenge sites and will lead several case processing technical assistance projects as well as some of JMI’s research projects.

Aimee WickmanJMI’s Newest Program Director