New Orleans Municipal and Traffic Court

The Justice Management Institute, with funding from the State Justice Institute, is providing technical assistance to the City of New Orleans Municipal and Traffic Courts, to create case management policies and assignment and docketing procedures as an important step on the road to consolidation of the two courts, beginning in January 2017.  The project is expected to continue through Spring 2017.


Project objectives include the following:NOLA Traffic Muni

  • Clearly document the statutory and rules-based case management procedures that currently exist in each court.
  • Draft and adopt a combined case management plan that addresses assignment of cases, docketing and scheduling; caseflow procedures; and policies such as for specially assigned cases and postponements.
  • Reach consensus and adopt objective measures of performance, such as time standards for case processing, and the purpose and cycle of statistical and management information reports.
  • Design and approve a governance plan that includes leadership, management, assignment duties, and reporting.


The objectives are designed to guide the Municipal and Traffic Court through a process that helps build consensus and buy-in. The outcome of the process will be an Assignment and Case Management Plan for the consolidated Municipal and Traffic Court.

Aimee WickmanNew Orleans Municipal and Traffic Court