JMI Assisting Clark County, Nevada in Establishing a CJCC

JLas_Vegas_Regional_Justice_CenterMI was selected by the U.S. Office of Justice Programs Diagnostic Center to provide technical assistance to Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) in establishing a Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC).  JMI recently guided a group of stakeholders, which included representatives from the judiciary, law enforcement, prosecution, and defense counsel, in creating an organizational structure for the new council and drafting corresponding bylaws.  JMI is now in the process of assisting the Clark County CJCC in identifying priority areas for the council to address in the coming year and producing a strategic plan to outline a path toward achievable results.  Early goals of the CJCC include making improvements in the areas of early case processing, mental health diversion, community corrections, and re-entry.


In August, JMI and the Diagnostic Center will take members from the Clark County CJCC to visit Milwaukee County (Wisconsin), a member of the National Network of Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils, for a peer-to-peer exchange opportunity.  During the trip, the Clark County contingency will observe a Milwaukee County CJCC meeting and then meet one-on-one with their respective peers to share information and ideas on making their council and justice system more effective.

Aimee WickmanJMI Assisting Clark County, Nevada in Establishing a CJCC