The Justice Management Institute

You care about improving the way justice is administered.

So do we.

You want to make court management systems more efficient. More reliable. More intelligent.

We have the knowledge, skills and tools to help you.

JMI researches the emerging judicial issues most relevant to your work. We train and educate practitioners and policy makers on the realities of court management. Our consulting and technical assistance put state-of-the-art expertise right by your side. We bring together the best minds in the profession to think about thorny justice management problems and practical, sustainable solutions. We inform, we teach, we lend a hand.

We’ve been doing these things since 1993. All over the country. All around the globe.

We are a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the administration of justice through research and program evaluation, education and training, technical assistance and consulting services.

JMI was established in 1993 at the urging of national leaders in courts administration who shared a vision for a new type of organization: an independent, non-profit organization able to dedicate a wide range of resources, disciplines, and techniques to improving the administration of justice.  Initially focused on strengthening court management, over the years JMI has assembled a professional staff, Board of Directors, and consultant network that possess expertise in all aspects of the justice system: criminal and civil; prosecution, indigent defense, and courts.  These resources provide a solid understanding of justice system operations capable of addressing a wide variety of issues throughout the country and all over the world.

So, read, watch, download, explore.  Then let us help you tackle your management challenges with knowledge and confidence.